Monday, August 22, 2011

Peugeot Rebuild Part I

This past winter I obtained two early 70's Peugeot bicycles. A Mixtie UO18 and a UO8 both of which were entry level bikes produced during the 1970s bike boom. This was my first rebuild and the first time I'd ever dealt with french bicycles. French bikes that were manufactured in France have some unusual specs which you can read about on Sheldon Brown's French Bicycles page
Peugeot UO18 Mixtie

A poor image of the Peugeot UO8

The UO8 had  Stronglight cranks and 27" alloy wheels unlike the Mixtie's 27" steel wheels. Both the cranks and the wheels appear to have been changes that were made from its the original equipment. The steerer tube on the fork was bent.  I believe that the bike had been in some sort of an accident, so I decided to use some of the parts from the UO8 to rebuild the mixtie.

Note the bumpy steel wheels, tires with dry rot, and steel cottered cranks
Aside from the large scrapes on the fork the paint was in fairly good condition. As you can see the fork was chrome beneath the paint. I really disliked the color of the bike so I decided to have the frame powder coated, after all the bike wasn't particularly valuable. 

The plastic Mafac brake levers were discolored and the chrome on the handlebars was flaking in places
The shape of the handlebars was a bit to straight for my taste so do to the condition of the brake levers and the chrome they would all be replaced.

cracked cable housing

The cables and housing would have to be changed.

There were gobs of grease stuck in the springs of the vinyl seat. This would definitely have to be upgraded.

Original parts I Kept:
*Seat post
*Lyotard pedals
*Mafac brakes

Parts I used from the UO8:
*Sugino bottom bracket
*Stronglight crankset
*Mafac brake levers

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