Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Old Lyme, Lyme, East Lyme and back

This ride starts at the Old Lyme shopping center parking lot and follows Rte 156 into Lyme. When ever you travel north from the shoreline the climb begins. At about 1.25 miles a gradual incline starts and continues until you reach the junction of 156 and Bill Hill Rd.

A look back at the first climb from the junction of Bill Hill and 156

As you can see from the picture above once you leave the Old Lyme shopping center and travel North on Rte 156 the landscape becomes very rural and wooded. Shortly after passing the entrance to Nehantic Forest you will see Tiffany Farm on the right. Nehantic Forest has a pristine pond which is an excellent place for a dip but you have to travel fairly far into the forest on rough park roads.

Tiffany Farms

The road descends past the farm into Hamburg cove.

After passing Tiffany Farm there is a steep descent. In Hamburg cove there is a very old convenience store where you can grab a drink or snack.

Ye Old Shed

Beaver Brook Rd starts with a short steep climb then levels off for a little bit before climbing to a max of about 244 ft. Basically Beaver Brook goes up and down all the way. The cue sheet provided by Map My Ride has a tendency to provide too much infornation. Once you turn onto Beaver Brook Rd stay straight it changes names ultimately becominng Upper Pattagansett road, the cue sheet could make you over think this, just follow the road.

There are quite a few old cemeteries along the way, as well as barns in various conditions.

Once you travel into East Lyme the road surface on Beaver Brook or Upper Pattagnsett improves and the scenery becomes less rural. At the end of Upper Pattagansett take a right onto Rte 1 (Boston Post Rd). Route 1 travels all the way back to Halls Rd. If you would like to increase the mileage of this ride you could take a left onto Four Mile River Rd. just a little before mile 19. Following Four Mile River Rd. to Rte 156 back to Old Lyme shopping center on Halls Rd. will add about 9.5 miles. Alternatively one could stay on the Boston Post Rd. all the way through Old Lyme to Halls Rd but stay straight onto Lyme St. traveling through the historic district or perhaps grabbing an ice cream at the Old Lyme Ice Cream Shoppe. If you follow Lyme St past the Congregational church past the country club you will reach Rte 156. Turn right and follow 156 back to Halls Rd. The second route alternative will add approximately 3.5 miles.

Congregational Church

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