Saturday, October 1, 2011

Niantic Center, Flanders 4 Corners

Today's ride starts and ends at St Anns church on Rte 156 in Old Lyme. Shortly after leaving Old Lyme you begin a steepish hill which ends next to the back entrance of Rocky Neck State Park's hiking trails. You can let your bike fly down the 1/4 mile decent but be aware there is a traffic light at the bottom of the hill. The next hill begins shortly after passing the prison and ends at the junction of Rte 156 and Roxbury Rd, after that point you can easily pedal or coast into Niantic Center.

The first big hill leading into Niantic is the back side of this 9% decent.

Niantic center is a quaint little area with restaurants, shops, a movie theater, children's museum, and a boardwalk along the bay. While I was in Niantic I stopped at Niantic Bay Bicycles on Methodist St. From there I traveled on Rte 161 to Flanders Four Corners. Rte 161/Flanders Road travels through a commercial district becoming 4 lanes with lots of traffic during business hours, it can be difficult to get across. I find it easiest to ride into the left turn lane at the junction of 161 and Boston Post Road and turn with the light.

Niantic Bay Bicycles on Methodist St in Niantic center

From the four corners the Post Road gradually climbs 150 ft with the longest hill ending at the junction of Bride Brook and Boston Post Road. Scott's Yankee Farmer which sells fruits, vegetables, and flowers is located on the left.

Scott's fruit and vegetable stand

If you feel like stretching your legs stop by to pick your own apples or find your way through the corn maze. After passing Scott's the road descends to Old Lyme. There is one final hill that begins at the junction of Four Mile River Road.

Last Hill

Once you get up the hill its easy pedaling through Old Lyme back to St Ann's church.

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