Friday, October 14, 2011

Tour of Old Lyme

Last Friday when I registered for the Tom Danielson ride I got a quick look at the route cue sheet . Because its a local event for me I am familiar with most of the roads. I decided to take a ride through part of the route in preparation for the ride.

Ashlawn Farm

The TD ride will stop at Ashlawn Farm which is in Lyme on Bill Hill Rd. I usually get there via Rte 156 but today I took Sill Lane and Saunders Hollow Rd which end on Rte 156 just a short bit away from Bill Hill Rd. The TD ride will split at this Ashlawn Farm and those that are riding the 25 mile route will take Town Woods Rd. to the Post Rd. I pedaled a short bit beyond the farm to Blood Street which is my usual route from Ashlawn back to Old Lyme.  Blood Street is almost all down hill when traveling south. You can check out the rest of the ride on the link to  Map My Ride below.

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