Wednesday, March 5, 2014

So Long Febuary, Hello March

Everyone I know feels the same way, we've all had it with winter. Here in Connecticut we thankfully dodged the bullet on Monday, while the Mid-Atlantic region got slammed with snow. On the roads the snow has receded from most of the shoulders, so riding a bike is much easier. Here in Southeast Connecticut most of the landscape remains covered with at least 6 inches of hard snow. 

Since March began, I'm trying to bike commute to work more frequently than I did the past two months. On both Sat. 3 -1 & Tues. 3 - 4 I left for work on my winter bike with the temps looming around 9 -10 degree's. Fortunately it wasn't windy on either of those days. Today we've made it into the 40', so 
hopefully that will be the new trend.

It's not just the cold and the frozen cruddy looking stuff along the roadsides, and the never ending shoveling, but it's also the grey dreary sky's day in and day out, that our getting really old.  

The stores all think it's spring, replacing winter clothing for short sleeve shirts, shorts, and bathing suits.  About a month ago toe warmers became hard to find. Baseball mitts and bats replaced them, so I ordered a lg. box from Amazon today. I can ride with just my shoes when its in the forties but below that I need neoprene booties and or toe warmers.

Here is a picture of the Old Lyme town beach parking lot on Feb 2nd. Under the snow is rutted ice, which I found virtually unridable.

13 days later the same parking lot after some rain and a couple of warm days.

This weekend we spring ahead, longer days yea, but it seems early this year.

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