Thursday, September 1, 2011

Peugeot Rebuild Part 2

 For those that haven't read my Peugeot Rebuild Part1  I rebuilt a 1970's Peugeot Mixtie UO18 that I purchased at a flea market bike swap in Dudley, Massachusetts.

Prior to having the frame powder coated I widened the rear triangle using the cold set process described on Sheldon Brown's website. I also removed the pump pegs and the paint because initially I thought I might paint the frame myself. I purchased new 700c alloy wheels. The rear wheel has a new Shimano Hyperglide hub allowing me to use a 9 speed cassette.

 The Mixte's straight diagonal line is accentuated in its bare state.

I chose a 11-32 cassette and a Shimano Deore long cage rear derailleur.

I really love the look of the Stronglight crankset from the UO8 so I installed them on the Mixtie as well as the Sugino bottom bracket. The chainrings on the crankset are 52/42 which is why I chose a cassette with a 32 tooth sprocket. If that doesn't make any sense to you check out my post about  gear inches
I purchased an old Huret front derailleur off of E-bay because I wanted to fit the uncommon 28mm diameter(old French sizing)  of the seat tube exactly.  I could have shimmed the clamp but I was afraid it would slip at some inopportune moment. I also could have used the original Simplex front derailleur but I didn't like the plastic clamp. 

The pedals are the original Lyotard pedals that came from the Mixtie after I cleaned them up and re-greased them.

These are the original Mafac brakes with Kool Stop brake pads, 35 mm Panaracer tires, and the original tubes.

 Velo Orange Metallic braided brake cables/housing and Alligator braided cables/housing look nice with the sky blue paint color. Outlining the lugs is easy with a paint pen.

The original head badge peeled off easily before the frame was powder coated allowing me to reuse it.

The Soma mustache handlebars are covered with foam pads and cork tape.  At first I shellacked the cork tape which was finished with twine but the cork felt too slick.  I replaced the cork tape and finished it with some rawhide pieces I had lying around. The Mafac brake levers are from the UO8 with Cane Creek hoods that I cut to fit. Because Peugeot didn't install any braze ons for water bottle cages I used a cage mount designed for the frame or stem. The basket is a modified Wald 137, its nice to use a product that is still made in the USA.

Once I decided to change the handle bars the stem also had to be changed due to the 25mm handle bar clamp found on older French bikes.  I chose the Periscopa by Nitto for its tall stem angle and the ability to raise the handlebars quite high

Nitto FU 82 or Periscopa

In addition to the Wald basket I added a Wald rear rack, mostly to support the saddle bag, which is probably 20 or more years old. It was nice to put the old thing to use.

Note the Greenfield kickstand another lovely American made product, its light weight aluminum replacing the old heavy original steel kickstand. The barend shifters provide indexed shifting in the rear and friction shifting in the front. The saddle is a Model 8 from Velo Orange which is leather sprung and 205mm wide in the seat bone region.

I will probably add some Velo Orange Hammered aluminum fenders at some point.


  1. Hi Accyclist,
    I have enjoyed reading about this build. Your project turned out great.

    I am about to start a Peugeot UE-18 mixte project for my wife. I found a frame that fits her and will be receiving it soon. I would love to get more tips and pointers from you if possible. Here is my plan along with questions.

    1. strip paint (how did you strip yours so cleanly? any special technique to remove the head badge sticker for reuse?)
    2. remove pump pegs (how did you remove yours?)
    3. widen rear triangle for 700c wheels (any wheel/tire size/models you recommend?)
    4. powdercoat frame (local shop will do it for $100. hope they will not coat to thick and lose details around lugs. your powdercoat job looks good)
    5. new handlebar and seat (looking at Nitto albatross bar and a spring saddle)
    6. stronglight crankset (seems hard to find one with a chain guard)
    7. how did you get a modern derailleur to fit? The ones I have seen do not have the hook and are bolted on. I could hire a shop to weld on a bracket for modern derailleurs. Did you consider that option for your bike?
    8. not sure if i can reuse the original fenders or buy new SKS longboard fenders since the wheel size will be different.

    I'm looking forward to sharing this experience with you. We can correspond via email if you like. Thanks


  2. Michael
    I'm glad you enjoyed the Peugeot rebuild post. Their are a couple of related posts that you might also like, they are tagged rebuild. The Mixtie is a fun bike to ride around town and like any rebuild I find myself tweaking it here in there, you never know exactly how the bicycle will feel.

    I stripped the paint using a disc attachment on my drill but if you are going to have the frame powder coated they will have it bead blasted first so it isn't really necessary. $100 dollars is a good price, does that include the fork? Its best if you can see examples of the powder coaters work before you give them your frame.

    Pump pegs are pretty easy to cut off with a hack saw, then grind smooth with a grinding disc attached to drill or dremel.

    If your Mixtie came with 27 1/2 inch wheels, it will take 700c wheels no problem. If you want to run modern shifting components, IE: indexed shifting or cassettes with more than 5 sprockets you will have to cold set the frame. Sheldon Brown is an excellent source for this as well as information about some of the French sizing.

    I put Panaracer Paselas on my bike which have supple gum side walls which look right for a 70s vintage bike.

    Nitto is a nice way to go they make quality products and the look is good on a vintage bike. If you are changing out the handle bars you will probably have to change the stem too or use a shim. If you change the stem you will have to sand .2mm off the diameter to fit the French steer tube, which is what I did. It's quite easy to do. In regards to the saddle what ever is comfortable for your wife. You will have to use the seat post and hardware that came with the bike because it is an unusual French size and hard to find.

    Stonglight cranksets are difficult to find, ebay is probably the best bet. I used this crankset because it came on the Peugeot UO10 that I bought with the Mixtie for parts and because I love that chain guard. Although it has made things more difficult, check out the post "The Switch". What is currently on your Mixtie?
    Chain guards/ bash guards as they are called today definitely keep your clothing out of the chainrings.

    In order to use a modern derailleur you will have to purchase an adaptor claw. Harris Cyclery has them for $3.95.

    I think the original fenders will work fine since they fit the 27 1/2" wheels which are slightly bigger than 700c wheels. I would love to see pictures of the bike now and after the rebuild. You can send them to
    Perhaps I'll post your project on the blog?
    Best of Luck,

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