Monday, December 12, 2011

The Phillips Project

1964 Phillips 3 speed

Last spring a coworker gave me a Phillips roadster that had been hanging in her grandfathers basement for as long as she could remember.

The Sturmey Archer hub says "64" which is a pretty accurate way to ID the year of manufacture on an old roadster. 
The front hub looks to be an old dyno hub. I will definitely see if I can improve on that fender line ;)

I love the Phillips chainring but I'm not so wild about those old cotter cranks
The headbadge is definitely one of the cooler ones I've come across. I've done a bit of searching online and I haven't found any Phillips bikes with the sword on the seat tube that you can just barely see in the photo above.

I doubt I will be able to find another one of these pedals in new old stock condition. I might just have to go with plain block pedals.

That pedal doesn't quite look right, does it? In case you didn't notice in the first picture the seat-post and saddle are missing as well.

There's a lot of surface rust and oxidation on this old bike, I see a lot of steel wool in my future.

I haven't found any of these old hand grips on ebay or even any pictures of bikes with grips like that. I think I've got my work cut out for me with this one. My plan is to restore the bike to as close to original working order as I can over the course of this winter.

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  1. How is this coming? I know a guy in Bridgeport who commutes to and from the train station on one of these, but much older with rod brakes. It's pretty complete but the dynohub doesn't work. He does have the light though.